Taraxacum officinale Family: Asteraceae All parts edible.

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A weed to some, a delight to many. Can you remember making a wish and blowing all the seeds to the wind? I get grandparents and kids alike making ohhs and aahs at this image. This image was built in PhotoShop. After making an initial scan of the two stems on the left, I made another with the seeds arranged. In PhotoShop I composited the two images and then gave blur to the seeds. This was a composite because my scanner is not large enough. Consumer scanners are generally 8.5×11 inches, maybe a little larger. But to step up in size is a huge increase in price. Someday I will get a ‘kickstarter’ campaign going to fund a new ‘professional’ scanner. Another feature of a pro scanner is the ability to alter the focal plane. How cool is that!

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