The Artist

Welcome to Luminous Leaf dot com. This website is dedicated to the artwork of Bruce Schneider.

Bruce is on a journey exploring new relationships between art, technology and perception. He creates his exquisite imagery in Oakland, California. Changes in technology and photography have opened up new means of collecting and displaying visual information. Bruce has discovered and expanded on these methods to produce images that go beyond the every day visual experience of nature. Using an experimental digital process combined with traditional photographic light sources, he has captured nature in a way that removes objects from their environment, allowing the viewer to focus on detail, form and color in a unique way. Flowers seem to dance in their own light; shells emerge out of darkness, seeming to radiate light; leaves and grasses sway rhythmically in unseen winds. Bruce’s work provides a novel way to interact with stunning natural elements in breathtaking realism, touched by a magical, ethereal spirit.

There is something undeniably sensual in Bruce’s images, and unexpectedly evocative and stirring. Curves recede seductively into darkness, flower petals vividly expose their silky texture, leaves caress one another or maintain a crackling space between them, and flowers invite the viewer into their innermost depths. Bruce’s love of nature combine with his extensive background in commercial, architectural, and landscape photography to inform his artwork. Bruce originally began a path in fermentation science, and has a great deal of experience in gardening, horticulture, camping and hiking and exploring nature. He also has a great love of music, and finds himself taking breaks to play the piano as he works, one art form inspiring the other, and each bearing the other’s influence. His images show a certain rhythm, harmony, and dynamism that can also be found in jazz. His artwork is truly the culmination of his professional and personal lives, and that deepens the viewer’s experience of the imagery.